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Saturday 29 June 2013

Root your Android (The Malaysia Way) - Why? What? How?

Most of the Malaysia Android-ians have been exposed with these terms "root", "flash", "custom rom", but most are not aware of what does each of the term means.

In this post, we will talk about rooting your android device.

So, let's start with the definition :

What is rooting? Why do people root their phone?
Rooting is a process to enable android users to gain administrator access to the mobile device they are having. In short :

  • Install a new custom ROM on the device (a full new ROM modified from our stock ROM from factory with minimal bloatwares and stuffs to save more on battery)
  • Enabling users to overclock or underclock their devices (able to fully utilize the hardware of the phone instead of being locked only to what our phone provider provides us with)
  • Customize the look on your operating system (transparent status bar, installing other phone apps into your current phone e.g. S4 dialer/camera on a Note 2 / S3, Sony Album in a Note2 / S3 and etcs.)
  • Letting owner to modify or delete system files (bootanimations, delete unwanted bloatware apps from stock roms)
  • Backup of apps and stuffs is as easy as ABC including the applications data using Titanium Backup.
All in all, rooting is done to enable users to have full control on their phones, be it customizing the phones or tweaking their phones.

Those are the pros of rooting, however there are also the downsides of rooting. As below,
  • Rooting of your phone immediately voids your phone warranty - However in Malaysia, particularly Samsung, fret not, as after rooting you can flash back to original  ROM and able to claim warranty for the faulty parts. There are also a few workarounds for HTC and Sony phones. DO NOT ROOT JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO ROOT YOUR PHONE. PLEASE GAIN MORE KNOWLEDGE ON ROOTING BEFORE YOU DO ANY MODDINGS. I AM NOT LIABLE IF YOUR PHONE GOT BRICKED/DEAD.
How to ROOT?

With all these advanced technologies, rooting your android phone is only one-click away. And I can say it is almost 99% hassle and brick free.

One of the easiest method would be framaroot created by one of our xda developers alephzain.

Here are the steps to get your phone rooted and SuperSU (administrator) status installed in just one click :
1) Make sure you tick Unknown Sources (Found in settings > security settings > device administration)
2) Download framaroot apk from this link.
3) Install framaroot apk
4) Launch framaroot
5) Select which superuser you prefer (SuperUser/SuperSU) *both works the same way.
6) Try clicking the Aragorn button (this normally works for Samsung devices) If it fails, try the other three options
7) Reboot your phone
8) TADAAAAAAA! There you go..

Unrooting your Android devices works the same way also. Just you need to select Unroot in step number 5. Other steps remain the same and yes, after rebooting, your phone is unrooted and clear to go back for warranty.

For enquiries, please do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail @ I will be free to help you in any way that I am able to help.

Thank you for reading!

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